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For your digital marketing needs, we provide a well-thought-out, complete content strategy. Our services encompass content research, ideation, and creation for all types of marketing assets, including editorials, videos, blogs, and advertisements. Make yourself the go-to source for information, and you'll be miles ahead of the competition.

Content marketing is about having a forward-thinking vision: as the Internet evolves, knowledge will become the most prevalent and prominent source of value. It's always been about content — from the early days of ecommerce in the late 1990s to the present day, doing business online has always meant grabbing and retaining your audience through your content.

We live and breathe digital content marketing at MDGCI. We work with each client to design and devise a unique strategy to their sector, applying a set principle of key steps to create a fleshed-out, comprehensive content plan, with the help of skilled editors and a brilliant writing staff.

Why Should You Hire MDGCI for India SEO Services?

1. Creating Blog Posts: A blog may be a valuable tool for educating and informing your audience as well as cultivating loyalty. We can assist with research and development, overall content strategy planning, and filling your content calendar with new and unique content that is optimised for both humans and search engines.

2. Designing Infographics: Infographics are becoming an increasingly vital aspect of storytelling, allowing you to simplify complicated concepts while also attracting attention. We can assist you in developing powerful infographics and illustrations that can be posted on blogs and websites to encourage people to take action.

3. Writing SEO Content: As India's premier SEO firm, we understand how to create website content that appeals to both humans and search engines. Writing Content for a Website We can assist you in developing product descriptions, value propositions, landing page content, and other website copy that is optimised for readability and conversion.

4. We also write news releases for digital PR that are engaging for readers and optimised for maximum reach and exposure.

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Case study

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

We created stylish jewellery boxes for Chokhi Dhani based on their requirements and designed a logo that added value to their brand name.

Dew Drop

We worked according to the brand's requirements and designed a meaningful logo, informative brochures, and engaging pamphlets


Our team worked towards laying the foundation for gaining a client audience via organic marketing for the brand.

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Benefit from our Services

There are plenty of benefits that you would be able to enjoy when it comes to using best local SEO services. Not only will you come upon the searches of people who are looking for immediate access to services, but you can also enjoy higher rankings on the search results. Some of the benefits that you need to know about include the following:

1. More stuff on the website.

It may seem obvious, but spending more effort on content marketing will result in more material on your site. That means your customers will have more reasons to stay, more chances to get to know your business, and more trust, all of which will lead to improved conversion rates. Your users will stay on your site longer if you have exceptional content, which is always a positive thing

2. Increased search engine visibility

Each new post you publish on your blog is another page that Google will index. Greater pages don't usually imply more search traffic, but having more high-quality pages indexed might give you more chances to rank for more queries. If you use your archive of material to target long-tail keywords and topics that your consumers commonly look for, you should have no issue appearing for those searches

3. Domain authority is higher.

More high-quality content will improve your site's perceived expertise, authority, relevance, and trust. Your website's domain authority will rise even more if that material receives more inbound connections from external sources. Stronger search rankings are highly correlated with higher domain authority, so the more high-quality content you publish, the more organic search visibility you'll get throughout your entire site.

4. More traffic via referrals

This one is contingent on your willingness to commit to the guest publishing aspect of your content plan. You'll have the ability to connect back to your site when you contribute as a guest to external media. If you do it on a relevant, authoritative site with a lot of traffic, a single guest post can bring you thousands of new visitors.