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After visiting a website, the next day, while browsing online, have you seen an ad or received a message for the very same website? Or In the website itself, when you add items to your cart but didn’t check out? Then the next day, while browsing online, have you ever seen an ad or a message promoting the same products you left in the cart? If yes, then Congratulations, you were “re-marketed.”

Remarketing is entertaining audiences who have already interacted with your brand, to motivate them to take the ideal effort in your interest, such as conversion. It is the act of delivering marketing messages or advertisements to prospects, leads or customers who visited your site or have already been marketed to previously - usually resulting in increased conversions and lower ad spending.

Why MDGCI for re-marketing?

If you’re interested in obtaining the benefits that remarketing has to offer, hiring MDGCI is the best option. We have experience and when we say we have the experience, we don’t only mean with remarketing — but we have experience in digital marketing for clients in every industry. That means we have myriad previous campaigns to draw comparisons from to build the most profitable campaign for you and your business. When you work with us, you’re working with a well-anointed machine. We have a whole team of experts working for you, which means we can get things done in reasonable time. Instead of learning the basics of remarketing yourself, or even spending money to hire an in-house team, nothing can beat the quickness and efficiency of a remarketing company like MDGCI.

It’s no confidential fact: we’re good at what we do.

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Case study

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

We created stylish jewellery boxes for Chokhi Dhani based on their requirements and designed a logo that added value to their brand name.

Dew Drop

We worked according to the brand's requirements and designed a meaningful logo, informative brochures, and engaging pamphlets


Our team worked towards laying the foundation for gaining a client audience via organic marketing for the brand.

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Benefit from our Services

There are plenty of benefits that you would be able to enjoy when it comes to using best local SEO services. Not only will you come upon the searches of people who are looking for immediate access to services, but you can also enjoy higher rankings on the search results. Some of the benefits that you need to know about include the following:

Enhancing Brand Recall

Remarketing is an extraordinary tool for reminiscing prospects of your product or brand. This kind of advertisement enables us to create ongoing reminders of our brand. More considerably, the remarketing display ads can remind a message looked on the original brand website and display reminder ads throughout the Web on various platforms.

Increased conversion rates

Remarketing can attract visitors pertained to in a conversion process into a sales scenario. For example, we can target all visitors who have progressed to their checkout process, and display remarketing ads or messages to bring them back. Another strategy is to target leads that have already filled out a form or viewed content from your brand. Remarketing in these circumstances can promote the sales process--both online and offline.


Audience targeting

The potential to target a particular audience with a definite message is influential. We can use remarketing ads to communicate with a particular audience through display advertising or text ads. For example, we can target only the visitors that conduct certain actions within our brand website.


Improves relevancy of ads

The rationale behind the success of remarketing is that it gives us the power to deliver ads based on prior actions. For example, if a visitor lands on a specific page, we will use a remarketing ad of that specific page to be displayed throughout the Web to that potential customer. Similarly, we use behaviour segmentation, to display a specific message appropriate to that web visitor instead of a generic message.