How to improve your Google ads quality score quickly?

How to improve your Google ads quality score quickly?

Google ads quality score is the measurement of the quality and relevancy of your pay-per-click (PPC) ads. It is generated by Google and ranges from 1-10. It evaluates the landing page experience of your ads, keywords, and Click-through rate (CTR).

In other words, it determines how relevant your ads and website are to searchers when they search. A higher quality score signifies a lower cost per click (CPC) and higher click-through rate (CTR).

So there are a few tips to keep in mind to improve your Google ads quality score that improves the performance of your ads.

Better usage of keywords

  • With regular keyword research, you can build the right campaign that ultimately increases the relevancy of your keywords to ads messaging and landing pages.
  • To achieve a high Google ads quality score, keywords shall be organized into small and closely related groups that make the ad groups better tailored to the keywords.

Relevant and compelling ads

Write relevant and compelling ad copies by including the best-performing keywords and considering the target audience and their searches. It improves the relevancy of the ad and increases your click-through rate (CTR) which is good for higher quality scores.

Dynamic ad headlines

Using keywords from ad groups in your ad headlines can make your ads go from average to excellent. This pulls the user’s search query and makes the ad extremely relevant to the search. It also boosts the CTR.

Including relevant and compelling ad extensions

  • The amount of space your ad uses in the search engine can be expanded with the help of ad extensions. It gives your users some more information about your business.
  • Ad extensions can increase the number of users and help in improving the click-through rate (CTR). Therefore it is recommended to include as many extensions as possible in your ad.
  • Many different types of extensions can be added:
    • Site links
    • Call outs
    • Structured snippets
    • Promotion of any special offer
    • Location of your business

Excluding negative keywords

Reviewing your Google ads campaign is very crucial to improve your ads quality score.

  • Eliminating negative keywords (keywords not related to your business) can exclude search queries that are not relevant to your product or service.
  • It can save a lot of money from being wasted on irrelevant clicks to your ads and ensures that your ads are appearing to the target audience who is looking for your product or service.

Optimizing your ad landing page

A better landing page experience can be created by optimizing your ad landing page in a way that has the following things:

  • Structured content
  • Privacy policies
  • Transparent messages
  • Fast load times
  • Mobile responsiveness

Such landing pages are rewarded by Google and keep your visitors engaged and active on your website.

Improving site speed

A slow-loading site negatively affects the user experience and thereby impacts the Google ads quality score. Slow loading can cause due to Meta refreshes, multiple redirects, slow servers, large page sizes, etc.

Boosting the speed of the site can make it

  • Quick to load
  • less disruptive
  • Perform better.


The above tips will impact the overall results and can prove to be very helpful in improving your Google ads quality score. But remember, it's always important to have a proper measurement of results and evaluation shall be done to know the extent of improvement in the overall performance.

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