Performance Marketing - 1

Performance Marketing - 1

Not getting good results in marketing? Hear us out!

If you have invested tons of money and energy to boost your brand; Performance marketing is what you need!

With a performance marketing strategy, advertisers can pay affiliates when a mutually agreed-upon customer (or prospect) action is completed. But which performance marketing strategies are the most successful at motivating your audience to act in that way? MDGCI will guide you!

There are four types of effective performance marketing:

1. Native -

As native ads adjust to the structure and purpose of the website (or page) they don't appear to be advertisements. They fit dynamically based on the content the user is reading and are contextually relevant.

Native advertising presents re-targeting opportunities at scale for performance marketers, allowing them to repurpose content, inform and educate consumers, and then sequentially target them after gaining their attention and understanding of their needs.

2. Social Media -

There is so much more to Insta, Facebook and Twitter than just alluring pictures! You can locate the platform where your target audiences are and effectively reach them if your objective is to increase online traffic or brand awareness.

Engagement-based performance indicators for social media include likes, shares, comments, retweets, as well as clicks, sales, or checkouts.

3. Sponsored content -

When done correctly, sponsored or branded content can be very beneficial to your marketing plan. To tell your brand story and pique the interest of your audience, you can co-create content with an expert (or experts) in your niche. Sponsored content must be interesting, inventive, and useful in order to be successful.

4. Performance partnership -

To diversify their affiliate marketing mix and increase budget flexibility, marketers can look into "strategic performance partnerships" with influencers, traditional affiliates like bloggers, business development partners, etc. As a result, performance marketing campaigns will be more successful and will be able to reward partners who increase sales.

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